About Us

Flutterbows is a brand fashioned exclusively for girls from tots to teens. Trendy elegant dresses for little girls to make your child truly outstanding. All our dresses are made of the finest quality material to make your little one look like a princess. Layers of fabric are sewn together to produce a fluffy and glamorous dresses for little girls. Swarovski crystals are used to give our dresses a dazzling finish. Our dresses have a long lifespan as we provide you with extra material.

Objective: Creating unique and elegant designs that are both fashionable and comfortable. We also customise dresses as per the likes and aspiration of our client. Have an idea of a dress for your little girl that you think will look stunning on her? Tell us and we will create it for you. What goes into the making of the dress The innermost layer is made of fabric that is soft and comfortable. The dress is designed in such a way that only the soft lining fabric comes in contact with the child’s skin. This is done by seamlessly tucking away all loose ends of the outer fabric.

Organic clothing: We also have an exclusive organic line of dresses where no chemicals or colouring agents are used during the process of growing cotton. This ensures that your child feels no discomfort, itch or rash and the clothing is not harsh on their tender skin.

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