Wash care for your satin and tulle gowns

Wash Care Guides for your Gowns


As both of Satin and Tulle fabrics are made from weaving filament fibres such as silk, nylon or polyester, these dresses need extra attention to detail in terms of caring for them. Taking care of these fabrics takes a long time and includes things like how to increase their longevity, how to maintain luster and how to wash and store them so that the quality of gown doesn’t deteriorate. Let us talk about the various aspects in detail.

Firstly let us understand how to wash them

  • Satin and tulle gowns are real delicate fabrics which need someone present during washing however if washed under delicate fabric function settings in washer it will do fine on its own as well.   
  • While washing in the washer, the water temperature should be low. The detergent used should also be the gentle type. During hand washing, the gown should be soaked for at least five minutes and should be squeezed gently. Avoid hard rubbing as it may damage the gown’s fabric.
  • Rinse gently with cool water. Do not twist and wring while rinsing and squeezing the excess water as it may cause it to lose its shaping. These gowns are not meant to be placed in a dryer as high temperature causes the fabric to  shrink and melt.
  • Lay the gowns on a clean cotton clothes or dry towels after rolling them in jelly-roll style and applying pressure by squeezing helps to dry the gown faster. While drying, do not place the gowns directly under the scorching sun. Rather place it in a place where the wind blows or best dry them at night. It will help the soft materiel not to lose the luster and maintains its freshness.

Storing your delicacies nicely

  • Storing should be done carefully for these delicate fabrics. Store them in a cool place especially away from the heat sources. The exposure to heat causes the fabric to break down and lose the quality. As these fabrics are more prone to creasing, the gowns should be folded using acid free tissue papers placed between each fold. This will prevent the gowns from having creases. The acid free tissue will act as an extra layer between the folds and prevents the materiel from being spoiled in case it gets in contact with any pins or metals in the gown. Find link to buy: https://www.amazon.in/Kreinik-Sheets-Tissue-Paper-30-Inch/dp/B002JPYEJ2/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys&ie=UTF8&qid=1507003043&sr=1-1&keywords=acid+free+tissue+paper 
  • Say no to plastics while storing these precious cloths. Plastics are to be avoided for storing the satin or tulle gowns. For long term purposes, these fabrics should not get in contact with the plastics as plastics contain chemicals that can leave stains or scents in the gowns. This will only decrease the quality of the gown.
  • Boxing is the best way for storing the dresses. Get a box big enough to fit your dress and you never have to worry about it later.

Ironing before putting them

  • Satin and tulle gowns need extra effort when it comes to ironing the wrinkles. Firstly turn the gown inside out so the bland or the dull side faces the person on the ironing board. The heat level should be low in the iron’s setting and pour only the required amount of distilled water as mentioned in the iron’s manual.
  • First try ironing only a small portion of the gown before steam pressing the whole gown. Using clean fine cotton or towel underneath is mandatory to make sure that the iron doesn’t melt the material. The wrinkles will go away through steaming but the iron should not get in direct contact with the fabric.
  • Also too much of steaming is not recommended while ironing satin and tulle dresses. Ironing should be done with quick strokes, never allowing iron to stay too long at a single spot.

Maintain their luster forever

  • Luster is the key element that differentiates these gowns from the rest of the fabrics since the medieval times. During the washing process there may be loss of luster so following steps are to be taken:
  1. Take a bin and add one quarter of vinegar in a gallon of cool water.
  2. Stirring helps to blend the vinegar with cool water.
  3. Dip gown in the bin. Also, swishing around will help the gown to be thoroughly soaked.
  4. Take the dress out and remove the vinegar water.
  5. Rinse the gown multiple times so there won’t be any smell of vinegar left.
  6. Spreading the gown over a clean cotton or towel and rolling it in jelly-roll style will help in removing the excess amount of water. But, there will be the chances of occurrence of creases. However, there is a better way. By placing the gown in between two towels for removing the excess amount of water you will avoid the gown from getting creased.
  • Hang it on a cool place away from sunlight.
  • This way the luster will be back in the gowns.

Bonus tips on drying

  • Do not use wooden hanger for drying as it may leave stains. Iron the gowns in the same way as mentioned above to smoothen and to make the creases disappear if there are any.
  • These tips for washing, storing and getting the luster that was long lost will help in increasing the life of your precious satin and tulle gowns.

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